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'Salzburg' Witney
Artist | Hobbyist | Photography
United Kingdom
:bulletred: I'm Sally, a 24 year old living in the UK. I've completed a Foundation Degree in Animal Management and now run my own organisation bringing exotic animals to schools and other events to help educate the masses on how awesome animals are!

:bulletorange: I enjoy photography and drawing, and am prone to bouncing between the two. I have been on a drawing hiatus for quite a while now due to my own personal issues but I am slowly rebuilding my confidence and exploring the world of pen and paper again.

:bulletyellow: My animals are my life. As well as being the backbone of my business all my animals are much loved members of the family. I keep a wide variety of animals and these include domestics and exotics! The only taxa I do not have represented in my animal family is birds but this will certainly change with time as my organisation expands and I have more space and time to give to everyone (mwahaha all the animals!!)

:bulletgreen: I am a nerd/geek/whatever you want to title it. I enjoy many fanbases and have known to be a crazy fangirl from time to time (my reaction to going to the Doctor Who Symphonic Spectacular was probably my geekist Whovian moment to date...). One day I WILL attend a comic convention but my current finances and time prevent me from doing so... YET...! Cosplay is also awesome. The most awesome thing ever.

:bulletblue: I adore most things movie and TV related. I can watch most movie genres with my favourites being horror/thriller, and science fiction. Or anything with dinosaurs. Dinosaurs are cool. Anime is also a firm favourite of mine, especially fast paced or action filled anime. My favourite anime is Hellsing but Black Butler and Blue Exorcist are up there as well.

:bulletpurple: I'm always open for messages and notes, and I'm always happy to discuss my animals as I know I keep some unusual species. There is no such thing as a stupid question and I'm happy to answer any questions anyone has about my work or my pets.

:bulletblack: My Animal Family
:bulletblack: Stella the German Shepherd x Border Collie :bulletblack: Tia the Springer Spaniel :bulletblack: Zebedee the Bengal x Tabby Cat :bulletblack: Coco the Lionhead Rabbit :bulletblack: Frost the Dwarf Lop x Mini Lop Rabbit :bulletblack: Evey & Tobi the Tanukis :bulletblack: Kristoff the Syrian Hamster :bulletblack: :bulletblack: Everdeen the Lesser Tenrec :bulletblack:

:bulletblack: Custard the Crested Gecko :bulletblack: Sebastian the Chinese Cave Gecko :bulletblack: Chester the Gargoyle Gecko :bulletblack: Roxy the Leopard Gecko :bulletblack: Ringo the Argentine Black & White Tegu :bulletblack: Darwin the Mexican Spiny Tailed Iguana :bulletblack: Ally, Will, & Ed the Ackie Monitors :bulletblack: Bucky & Taz the Australian Water Dragons :bulletblack: Mr Bradford the Sudan Plated Lizard :bulletblack:

:bulletblack: Indy the Sulcata Tortoise :bulletblack: Sitara the Indian Star Tortoise :bulletblack: Bourbon the Aldabra Tortoise :bulletblack:

:bulletblack: Mortica & Gomez the Jungle Carpet Pythons :bulletblack: Kevin Bacon the Rhino Rat Snake :bulletblack:

:bulletblack: Sheldon, Leonard, Bernadette, & Howard the White's Tree Frogs :bulletblack: Edith & Agnes the Milk Frogs :bulletblack: Alduin & Smaug the Vietnamese Mossy Frogs :bulletblack:

:bulletblack: Trevor the Tiger Snail :bulletblack: A Colony of Fruit Beetles :bulletblack: A Colony of Madagascan Hissing Cockroaches :bulletblack:

:bulletblack: Two Large Community Tropical Fish Tanks :bulletblack:
A Happy New Year to everybody who recognises it I am a dummy! 

I was lucky enough to spend my New Year surrounded by some of the closest people in my life, watching beautiful fireworks with sparklers and hot drinks, and laughing when my friend nearly fell in the lake!

Now I'm not usually one to set New Year's Resolutions, I believe in improving myself throughout the whole year rather than focusing more at the beginning only to have my motivation taper out by April.. However I understand the benefits of having a fixed point to start on and this can help some people achieve their goals easier.

So, I am setting myself some resolutions and I am driving myself hard to keep them.  By writing them down and turning them a physical presence I hope this will keep me on the right track.  

People who know me on a personal level will know that times have been tough and I've been through things that I wouldn't wish on anyone.  This caused me to get stuck in a rut of negativity and I'll be the first to admit that I spiraled and didn't try hard enough to pull myself out.  Luckily I am in a much better place now and I look back on what has happened and realised if I can get through that, I can get through pretty much anything.  Some of these resolutions are based on those past experiences.

The other resolutions are things I feel the need to do, or even things I just want to do (because come on, New Year's Resolutions should be fun as well right?).

Bullet; Red Become more active on dA (and increase my artwork as a result).

Bullet; Blue Finally lose that last bit of weight and tone up! 

Bullet; Red Maintain a positive energy and keep my head above water (metaphorically, although I will be starting swimming so maybe physically as well... Sweating a little... ).

Bullet; Blue Work even harder on the business I co-founded, Darwin's Kingdom.  It will succeed and I need to put every part of myself into it!

Bullet; Red Eat breakfast more regularly.

Bullet; Blue Put aside more time for myself, it's not all about work, although that is important.  I still need time to unwind and focus on me.


Not Quite the Glowstick Raver
Stella posing like a professional and showing off her glow sticks Meow :3  
Tailless Whip Scorpion (Damon diadema)
One of two amazing tailless whip scorpions I own.  This isn't only a species I keep for work, but also a species I have great interest in.  

My two are only juveniles at the moment but are already fantastic to own and handle.  Name are still a work in progress.
AHHHH new sketchbook! There is something magical about a collection of blank pieces of paper spiral bound and waiting for you to make that first mark.
I want to see some great examples of pet photography, either your own pets or other peoples'.

Obviously photography only :)

No thumb limit, feel free to go crazy, especially if you have some amazing photographs!

Pets can be any species, including exotic animals such as reptiles, birds etc.

Post away and I will try to comment on as many as possible, and if I'm impressed with your photography I'll most likely have a look through your gallery as well.

In return I'd love if people would consider commenting on my own pieces :D

Keeping Cool by Harleydane   Stella by Harleydane  

Dougal In The Sun by Harleydane   Zebedee In The Sun by Harleydane  

Exotic Mammals:
Halloween Tenrec by Harleydane  Tanuki (Nyctereutes procyonoides) by Harleydane 

Small Furries:
Albino Golden Hamster (Mesocricetus auratus) by Harleydane Three In A Row by Harleydane 

Spiny Tailed Monitor (Varanus acanthurus) by Harleydane Jackson's Chameleon (Trioceros jacksonii) by Harleydane

 Cheddar 2 by Harleydane Cheddar by Harleydane

Domino Cockroach (Therea petiveriana) by Harleydane Holding Hands by Harleydane 
Keeping Cool
My beautiful girl, Stella, keeping cool in her paddling pool.

Due to her thick coat she struggles to cope with the heat.  As a result we are always coming up with new ways to help her.  Her favourite has always been the paddling pool, especially when we throw some balls in there for her to play with as well I am a dummy! 

Stella is a three year old collie x German shepherd who was originally surrendered to a kill shelter in Ireland along with her nine brothers and sisters.  Through the intervention of the Dog's Trust her and her siblings were brought over to England and adopted out to loving families.  She's an amazing dog and one of the best things to ever happen to me Huggle! 


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Hi, Salzburg! :)

Hope all is well. :dummy:

You have a very beautiful gallery. :dummy:
Harleydane Featured By Owner May 23, 2016  Hobbyist Photographer
Thank you so much! That means a lot to me :happybounce: 
unicodragon Featured By Owner May 23, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
No problem :D
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